Friday, November 2, 2012

Coffee Date

ON this coffee date, I would tell you that I had a great first halloween with Lilly. She was a candy fairy with her cousin. We started the day by going to a playgroup, then Mother Goose on the Losse at the library, then another playgroup. Lilly took a little nap, then on to sushi and trick or treating with the family. She got quite a bit of candy. I think it was because they though she was undernourished (hehe).
Then yesterday, Thursday, was my birthday!!! I really didn't expect anything because we have Lilly now, so I don't care as much about gifts for me as I do for buying things for her. :) The mommy in me is taking over.
But I celebrated last Sunday with my hubby's family...and I got a CRICUT!!! YAHOO!
I'm so excited about making Lilly a banner and decorations for her first birthday.
+I guess I'm planning a little early+
On Halloween, Hubby surprised me with a New iPHONE!
THen yesterday, my grandparents came over to see Lilly.
I got my cup of coffee.
Went to the mall with a friend.
Bought a tough case for the phone (So it won't shatter when I'm running with the stroller)
Then came home. Hubby made me dinner (which was a not only a treat, but he made the BEST FISH TACOS I HAVE EVER HAD. it actually might be the best meal I have ever had. These suckers were good).

We watched 'What to Expect When Expecting' and it made me cry and laugh.
So over all I had a great week.
I was reminded how truly blessed i am.
It was fun getting birthday wishes all day. Its the little things that make you special Like getting Facebook messages from people you don't always talk to. Or spending the days with friends. I truly enjoy my days with family and am glad to have family that support me.
I can't wait for Lilly to experience birthdays. I hope to make her feel special and blessed but also feel loved.


  1. So cute she is! Happy birthday and enjoy your Cricut! I have one too and LOVE it! I am always in charge of party It's still so fun after having it for a couple years now. Get the sure cuts a lot program too...sooooo worth it! Check out YouTube for a video about it. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I just got my cricut about a month or 2 ago! I LOVE IT! Definitely check out youtube! It's such a help! Did you get any other cartridges??

    Have a great weekend!!! xoxo

    1. Are you going to do Cash's birthday decorations with it? What is the theme or is that still too far away.

  3. Your daughter is so cute!!! Happy Birthday. You will love your circuit, I couldn't live without mine!

    1. I am enjoying my cricut. I need to work on the sizes especially when I am using the Wild Card Cartridge. What do you use yours for?

  4. That does sounds like an amazing week! Enjoy your Cricut! I have had one since almost the beginning and I LOVE it! Wait until you see all of the amazing ideas out there in blog land for it.
    Try the Cricut craft room, it's a good alternative (free) to using a gypsy, but will help A LOT with sizing and such!
    Looking forward to getting to know you!

    1. Yes the Cricut craftroom is amazing!! I LOVE It. I still need to go buy a couple more cartridges!

  5. Oh, your little Lilly is just too cute!!! Happy Happy birthday to you, mama!! You look beautiful and have a gorgeous family! :)

    1. Thank you so much!! We are enjoying her very much!

  6. Hi I'm new to your blog from the chaos blog hop. I have a daddy blog hope you swing by if you have the time :-) Looking forward to your posts


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