Thursday, November 8, 2012

Making Baby Food

Seriously, what would I do without my Vitamix?

We've began feeding little miss puréed foods. She first began with butternut squash. She seemed to enjoy it.

Next we have tried peas. These ate so tricky because of the skins. I steamed the peas and the puréed them for About 20 minutes on setting 4.

She wasn't too thrilled about the skins.

Do/Did you make baby food? Any tips?

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  1. Hey there! Your little girl is darling, and good for you on making your own food! I did with my little boy and loved it and it gets easier once you get the hang out it. When I was making it, I found a bunch of "recipes" and tips on a site called Weelicious.
    Hope that helps! Oh, and happy Friday!
    Jessie @Life with the Larsons


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