Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nap time?!

I was chatting with a friend yesterday and we got on the topic of how do I put Lilly to sleep.

Lilly definitely goes through phases! She's not the perfect baby in the regards of books and standards (but I think she is ;).

Everyone always asks 'Oh is she sleeping through the night," Most people are kind when I reply 'no.' But everyone and then, I can see the judgement behinds their eyes.

Well Lilly has 8 teeth and has been teething since 3 1/2 months. That might be why she isn't sleeping through the night.

Or that I'm spoiling her by not 'waiting' or letting her cry it out.

I digress.

Here are the 5 ways I put Lilly to sleep.
1. Nurse
2. Go for a walk/run
3. Go for a drive
4. Rock her in her Rockid
5. Hold her in my arms and jog in place.

Occasionally she has fallen asleep while I have massaged her or while on the sling.

Thoughts on sleeping? Did you have a silly way of putting your little one to sleep!


  1. Your little girl is so cute!!!! I found you on the Find & Follow blog hop. Hope you follow back :)

    1. Thanks very much! Its great to have you stop by. Don't be a stranger :)

  2. Honestly when you are a parent you just do what you have to do!

    Visiting and Following from Find & Follow Blog Hop

    1. Haley, so very very true! Thanks for following!

  3. Hi there! New follower, loving your blog, looking forward to exploring!

    I tried crying it out with my first daughter at 4 months and then 6 months..I didn't have the heart to do it, it was so sad! By about 9 months I was finally ready to let her cry. Then after a few days, I was able to just put her down awake and it was great.
    So I guess my point is, if you do ever try that method, its when you are ready, not the baby. judgment here, do what works best for you! xoxo

    1. Kathy thank you so much for your encouragement! Its a tricky road! But, motherhood, ya gotta love it!


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