Thursday, November 8, 2012

Living a Biblical Life as a Woman

I'm not sure if anyone caught the Today show a few weeks ago. I actually didn't, but my friend told me about it. Rachel Heidi Evans spent a year living the Bible
literally as a biblical woman.

At first I must say I was being to prepare my rant. How can you live life literally when there are several different cultures involved in the Bible?! Of course, it's ridiculous.

But I held my tongue and LISTENED to what Evans was really saying.

She was trying to show others that the Bible shouldn't be used to silence women or make others feel inferior based on some verse taken out of context.

But I think that to others this message may be lost.

It's almost like an inside joke. Unless you've read the Bible and understand it you can see her point.

To some it may come off as, "what is the point?" "Why follow a 'book' that is outdated?"

That's where I get frustrated. As a Christian, I feel that what we do is a representation to everyone about Christianity.

I never want to misrepresent and show others that being a Christian is being judgmental, mean, narrow minded, or the opposite, being a doormat, a pushover.

I guess this video just made me take a good look at my life and think about how as a Christian am I representing God?

What are your thoughts?


  1. Very interesting. I'm a little torn about my thoughts on the video. I think she was really good natured about her experiment and it was a little tongue and cheek funny. I think the commentators took it a little too seriously which I don't think was the point.

  2. The sad thing is, no matter what Christians do or say, people who don't believe will think we are judgemental, if we believe in the Bible. That's why I'm happy to live for God and not to please man! Anyway, thats my 2 cents, I haven't even watched the video yet but I will! Thanks :)


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