Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fitness and Mommyhood

I've been trying to stay fit while bringing up baby and I will admit it gets tough sometimes.

I didn't cling onto the weight, but it didn't fall right off either.

I started back running about 6 weeks after. I was itching to get back to running.

The mommy group do lots of walks and it has been fun to do a little fitness with friends.

However now I find myself unmotivated unless I have a friend to work out with.

But this past week I've really gotta off my butt.

I've ran the farthest since getting pregnant and with a stroller, 7 miles.

It is such an accomplishment, but I'm still so far from where I want to be.

I'm training for a half marathon...again.

I am thinking about doing one on St Patrick's day, but there is one in a local town that is love to do also in April.

I wanted to write this post as a way to encourage others.

What has motivated me is using Charity miles while running. It really makes a difference if I go running or not.

It's like people are depending on me. Probably not, but it gets me motivated!!

It's also a way for me to think through my problems. I usually realize how kooky I am by mile 2.

I know running isn't for everyone, but its helped me so much and it great that Lilly enjoys it too!

So mommas, let's get moving!!

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