Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas time: Oh the Traditions

I've been thinking  a lot about holiday traditions and especially this year, with it being Lilly's first. I want to do all these things for her. Its the beginning of a new stage in our family.
Make sure we get the right Christmas tree.
Or how are we going to make looking at Christmas lights special?
Or what can our family do that is special from all the other families?

But I think that is taking away from the ideas of traditions.
It is a memory that you had that you want to recreate and I think I am being too forceful with that.

Every year my family has gone to Apple Hill. And when my parents got divoreced I still made an effort to go to Apple Hill with either friends or Steven.
And this year I really wanted to take Lilly this year. 
Expose her to MY family tradition.

But we didn't go.
It rained every weekend. And then when it wasn't raining, I knew people would be up there cutting down Christmas trees, and there aren't any apples.

I got so frustrated and overwhelmed!

What I ended up thinking about is what is a tradition? What does that mean?

It is a spontaneous event that was memorable and you want to recreate that.

Whether it be donuts on moving day. Or going to sushi after getting your Christmas tree. 

Its not a forced event or one that HAS to happen.

So this holiday year, I'm going to let the traditions happen themselves. And I will enjoy them as they come.

Do you have any favorite traditions?

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