Sunday, December 16, 2012

Staying a fit momma

It's really tricky to stay motivated. There are weeks that I work out really hard and others when I feel like I just wanna sleep.

But every morning I put on my running pants with the intention of running or doing a bit of yoga.

And it seems to work.

Just getting dressed is half the battle.

I never thought that I'd be the momma wearing workout clothes everywhere. But here I am.

I definitely think its important to stay for and healthy if I want that lifestyle for my babies.

I know that I can't be consumed with my eating or looking 'skinny'. Even at a young age, girls are beginning to show signs of body image issues.

That's the last thing I want for Lilly.

I want her to run outside and play pretend.

I want her to be active.

I want her to play outside and get dirty.

I want to do all those things with her.

I know that as she gets older I won't be able to do my long runs or do an hour of yoga.

My wishful thinking is that she will be interested in it ;).

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