Monday, December 24, 2012

Lilly Mae

We've made it to seven months!!

Here are her accomplishments:
Sitting alone, no assistance
8 teeth
'Sings' (open her mouth and shouts) when I sing 'rum pum pum, this is my drum'
Gets excited when we say daddy is home
Likes to stand and bounce
Still not a fan of food
Wearing 9-12 month clothing
Loves to chew on EVERYTHING
Laughs when I kiss her
Beginning to learn signs for: all done, milk
Starting to understand kisses and waving bye-bye
Playing independently for longer than 15 min
Weighs 20lbs
Height 28 in
Loves her cousin Kaylee
Beginning to mimic sounds
Sleeping 6 hours a night
Loves to be outdoors and with friends
Plays with paper, LOVES to shred napkins
Likes to watch Daddy workout
Loves to go on runs with mommy
Sits in high hair and stroller
Using Ergo more, sling less


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