Sunday, December 16, 2012

Feeding Lilly: An Update

So I just wanted to share another update about Lilly's feeding. 

It seems like this is all I do and stress about.

Since feeding Lilly, we decided to do Baby-Led Weaning.
So far we have tried:
Blueberries (frozen in those Munchkin pouches)
Apple slices,
Carrot slice

She seems to really like it!!

We tried the packets, and she takes a little bit.

I'm not sure if she is confusing textures, not liking purees because she is still breastfed, but this Baby-Led weaning seems to be working.

It might be because she has 8, yep EIGHT, teeth.

It is really good for her teething. I make sure to watch her, and not let her eat too big of bites.

What are your thoughts on feeding baby?

***UPDATE*** I combined apple and butternut squash purees that I made with some water, and Lilly loved it. We are on our way to eating. She such a curious little one!!


  1. 8 teeth!? Cashman just popped his top two! Finally! For a total of 4. Isn't it amazing how babies are sooo different? I just love it!

    I nominated you for the inspiring blog award! Be sure to stop by & check it out!

  2. Good job Hannah!!!! Way to go with the food! Just keep watching her signals for weaning, all babies are different :) Jules cut way back once she was eating a lot of solids but wasn't completely weaned till recently :) Proud of you ! Such a great mommy!


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