Saturday, December 29, 2012

Staying in shape

Well, nothing like a Scotchmellow makes me want to go running more.

Lately I've been doing this loop in a neighborhood nearby my house. It's a very nice neighborhood, filled with some not so nice hills. This week I did the loop twice incorporating a few extra hills. (4 miles)

It sure feels great.

I just have to remember to eat enough.

I also end my run at some stairs (42, to be exact).

I've been doing this workout by Tone it Up.

Then I jog back to my car. About a mile back.

I'm really training for a half marathon.

I did one in January of 2011 and now it's time for another one.

I recently ran 10 miles with my little buddy.

I've been doing all my jogging with her. She is my little trainer. If I can do it pushing her, I certainly can do it without.

Let's hope I can do 13 miles this week. It's tricky scheduling a route, but I'm determined!!

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