Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lil is 21 Months

Oh Lilly Bug, how we have laughed and laughed this month. We sure see your personality and know that you are going to be such a helper and communicator in our family.

Milestones and other fun things this month:
Loves to read books
Likes to pray and say "Ahm" (Amen)
Can fold her hands
Beginning to run 
Beginning to jump with two feet on tramp (not mastered just yet)

Loves Mommy and Daddy to sing "Wheels on the Bus" and " This Little Light Of Mine"
Loves Veggie Tales and some Sesame Street songs
Discovered the deliciousness of Ranch Dressing and Chocolate

 Can point out animals in a book at random.
Beginning to copy words  and mimic a lot
Went potty in the toliet 4 times.

 Likes to pick out her clothes.
Loves playing in her kitchen
Loves to play in the fridge and cupboard and reorganize
Listens to directions
Sleeping back in her crib

 Says hi by waving, but when we say hello, she pretends to hold a phone to her ear

 Knows all her facial features (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, cheek, teeth, head, hair)
Likes to be chased.

 Has a funny, quirky walk. Looks like she'll inherit my waddle.

 Holds our hand when she wants us to follow her and will keep checking to make sure we are following her.
Loves her Gus-Gus (sometimes too much)
Loves to fold her laundry (take it out and spread it about the house)
Likes to lay on her back and tummy in the tub.
Loves to be outside
Is an explorer
Can climb a ladder.
Sidewalks are like beams to her.
Loves the stairs. 

Lilly, you are such a blessing. Each day we are reminded of the true gift of love. You brightedn our days and sweeten our evenings with giggles. Thank you for every kiss and cuddle. We love you so much!

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