Friday, August 29, 2014

Fitness Friday

It’s Fitness Friday!!
What are your plans?

At Mommyhood and Marathons, I’ve decided to focus on SLOWING DOWN.
If I could I would run every day, twice a day. But that would be CRAZY!!

So if you missed it I scheduled out my cardio and strength training for next month. Join me!

It will be a first for me to REST and sit still.

Here was my week in fitness:

Saturday: 1 hour barre, 4 miles run, 4 mile walk
Sunday: REST
Monday: 8 mile run (broke into 2 four milers), 20 minutes SPITFIRE workout
Tuesday: 1 hour barre, HIIT, 30 minutes lower body workout by Popsugar

Wednesday: 4.5 mile run, 20 minute SPITFIRE workout, Tone It Up Abs and Arms
Thursday: 8 mile interval run (4.5, 3.5 mile run), Tone It Up Malibooty x3, and LYB Legs and Booty

Friday: Total Body, Walk, and maybe some yoga.

Are you training for anything?
What is your favorite lower body exercise move?

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