Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week In Review: October Goals

Week In Review!!

ü    Incorporate Yoga twice a week
ü    Incorporate more walking into my schedule
ü    Run twice a week with Gus

(This week has been pretty good. I'm trying to get in more yoga and walking. I've been able to run with Gus at least twice a week. I'm noticing though I can't really run him more than 1-2 miles at a time. He get a sore foot and limps on it. Poor Puppy )

Less coffee- 1 cup in am and one latte pm
Less carb snacking. No Cheddar bunnies J
Focus on eating veggies and fruit for snacks

(Maybe not the best. I finish Lilly snacks and my coffee consumption has been up and down, where my lowest is 1 am cup and 1 pm latte. The high end being 2 am cups and 2 pm lattes. But I'll get there)


Finish Smart Money, Smart Kids
Finish 2 Novels

(I finished both Gone Girl and Mockinjay in 6 days total. I couldn't stop, both GREAT books)

ü    Keep up with my Bible reading plan
ü    Continue reading The Story with the church
Keep a prayer log/journal

(Haven't gotten in the rhythm of keeping a prayer journal or log. I really want to focus more on this. I've been pretty consistent with my Bible reading and Story reading, maybe getting off a few time, but then right back on track.)

ü    Find some new tutoring ideas
ü    More activities for L during the week
ü    Keep the house tidy: No dishes left in sink at 
night and Bed made before 8 am.

(This has a great

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