Friday, August 3, 2012

Coffee Date

Hello Readers...

Lets enjoy a little french press together...decaf of course.

This has been quite a week. 

I had a lovely time with friends and have enjoyed building friendships.

I have become obsessed with Mad Men.

I learned how to carry Lilly in the Moby Wrap.

I am continuing to get stronger with running and fitness.

I'm gonna be starting a fitness blog hop..pop by on Saturday!!

I have really been enjoying motherhood. It is such a blessing and I have been blessed by our baby girl. The dance of parenthood has been magical. i fall more and more in love with Steven each moment as we learn how to waltz through life together. He is such a great leader. Being a parent is more than I expected. I laugh about the funny things I now talk about (diapers, labor, feeding and all the in between). I love the mom know how all of a sudden being a mom people gravitate toward you wanting to share advice or ask questions. i LOVE reading birth stories...well I like hearing them in person more, but its like reliving my birth story. 

Anyway...hope you enjoyed your cup...let me refill it.....

See you next week!!

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  1. Glad to be able to have coffee with you! Being a mom is the best, isn't it. Congrats on figuring out the moby wrap, those things confuse me. And great job on working on running and fitness... those are some HUGE passions of mine and the main things I blog about. Every little step counts!

    1. Please pop by tomorrow and link up your fitness posts!! Thanks again!


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