Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Simplicity Parenting

I just finished...well it was due back to the library with 2 chapters left and I already renewed it a few times (hehe), but most of it was repetitive and related it to different things (i.e., schedules, eating, environment, etc). I really liked this book, but it was a bit boring to read, not as exciting as other books I've read. It addressed the issue of overstimulation for kids and how some behaviors are increased when there is too much stimuli. I found this to be very true. I n my experience as a teacher, I have learned to keep the walls a bit bare, not covered from corner to corner with things. This reduces the amount of stimuli in a child's environment.

I believe it to be very important for children to explore and be outdoors often. I think about how many times I got stung by a bee as a kiddo, but rarely do I hear kids getting stung by a bee, there seems to be more allergies.

It also mentioned the fact that an overly anxious child can become OCD if there is too much stimuli in their daily diet (lifestyle).

I really liked this book because it validated how I was feeling about too many toys, too much media, and too much flavor. Is that bad?! 

It discussed limiting toys and only having some that they play with and are age appropriate. There are what is called fixed toys, toys that do not allow a child to explore with any imagination,. Toys that only beep, or roar, but don't offer creativity like a baby doll does. They  didn't suggest throwing away toys, but storing them away. There are those special toys that Uncle Bobby or Grandma Jane bought that you may need to have out when they come visit, but they don't have to be out all the time. I found this to be wonderful. I loved Lincoln Logs as a child for I could create homes and different houses. I never got into Legos, but am still amazed at the creative creations that are made by little minds.

I must be honest and say that I hate video games. HATE is such a strong work...that is why I am using them now. Yes, yes there is research stating that it can help hand-eye coordination. But probably not more than throwing a ball and learning to catch. So that research really does not convince me. If it didn't lead to wasted time and create an overdrived state of a child, I might think video games are okay...but probably not!!

It also talked about the overwhelming flavors that kids are exposed to. Flavor-packed artificial flavors that have been created and not discovered. I do want my child to be able to eat what I eat, which is a range of veggies and fruits. Radishes, brussel sprouts, onions, bell peppers, kale, and just about every other funky type of veggie. I don't want her to crave ranch flavored things...that's gross!

If you know anything about me...I'm a little bit hippie, deep down and want my little ones to love whole foods, organic, and clean. I love meat and fish and I want my children to do as well. I'd love to get away from eating crummy food from restaurants (not just fast food, some sit down restaurants offer yucky calorie-filled foods).

Well I would very much recommend this book, but you probably don't have to read the whole thing!!

4.5 stars!!
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