Thursday, August 16, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Hubby: You are INCREDIBLE!! I love you and it makes me smile to see you play with Lilly. It was cracking me up last night when you were lifting her up and making her smile. you are the BEST father. I can't wait to spend the weekend with you. 

Dear Lilly: You are the PERFECT baby! You just go with the flow and smile along the way. Next week I want to do something special with you. May go for a long walk or just sleep in. You are so precious to us and we love you dearly. Thank you for making me smile and laugh. I hope that you will always have that sweet smile on your face. Today we were talking about how much I want you to dress like this:

I'm sure one day you will wonder what I was thinking.

Dear Running Shoes: Oh how I love you...except you squeak on my floor and it wakes Lilly up.

Dear Who ever is reading this: Thank you and please comment on what you would like me to write about. I am either having blogger's block or mommy brain?!


  1. Here via Friday's Letters - I see you read She Reads Truth, too! Just found them this week... and I'm not doing good keeping up with them. Maybe I'll do better next week? :)

  2. What a sweet post, sometimes the thoughts and things on our hearts are the best of all. I go barefoot and walk like a ninja in our house for the same reason when the littles are asleep :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  3. Great letters, Hannah! Last night, I was doing dishes & Luke & Cash were playing in our room {at the other end of the house} & Cash was just a hootin' & a hollerin'! It was a definite pause & count your blessings type of moment! :) I'm not sure if you did one but I would love if you did a post on your daily schedule. :) Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Amy! I will do a daily schedule! Keep your eyes out. Oh and I bet you are just the cutest mom ever. Those boys are lucky to have a momma like you!

  4. Hannah I love everything you write :) I need to comment more!!!!!


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