Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Now turning into Fall...My List

So I wasn't that good at blogging about my Summer List...in fact I really didn't get to check much off.

1. Take a picture every day
3. Blog 5x a week
6. Find a mommy group
8. Call two friends each week
9. Make Steven a nice note/treat every day
10. Do something nice for someone 1x a month
12. Simplify
14. Run 10 miles this summer
15. Find a church
16. Spend more time with my sister
17. Sew something for Lilly
18. Find a hobby that will make money
19. Learn to knit/crochet
20. Celebrate each day
21. Laugh and smile intentionally
22. Find a mentor
23. Mentor someone (if anyone wants me)
24. Go on a picnic
25. Go on a bike ride
26. Do something as a family 1x a month
27. Have a BBQ
28. Journal every day
29. Work on not holding grudges
30. Practice grace

I'm bummed because I didn't get to run 10 miles, but I did run a lot this summer and I have begun to do more circuit workouts.
I didn't get to have a BBQ, picnic, or go on a bike ride...but we moved into our new place.
I did make lots of new friends and was able to hang out with old friends this summer. That was very special to me. 
I am still working on grace and not holding grudges. 
I wish I would have journaled more, but I am blogging and taking more pictures.
I didn't knit or crochet, but I did make Lilly a headband.
I've been working hard on doing something special for the hubby, but I need to be better about being more creative. 
I haven't found anything to make me a little extra cash, yet. I have been pondering a few things. Can't be a photographer because everyone and their SAHM is :)
I have loved being a part of She Reads Truth. It has encouraged me to stay in the Word and read the truth...(*confession* I am behind a few days)

Here are some of the things that I would like to blog about and accomplish this Fall.

1. Go to the pumpkin patch
2. Workout 5x a week
3. Read my Bible every day
4. Journal
5. Make something for Lilly (Pinterest check off)
6. Keep our house clean
7. Get Lilly a Halloween costume
8. Go to Apple Hill
9. Make a pie
10. Practice grace and patience
11. Try a new recipe
12. Make a wreath
13. Take pictures (possibly for someone)
14. Read
15. Join a book Club
16. Run a race
17. Create a tradition
18. Fix up the house 
19. Take family portraits
20. Smile

What is your Fall Bucket List?


  1. I will help you check some of these off!! I want to go to Apple Hill and to a Pumpkin patch! And when I come over one night for dinner we can make a PIE!! xoxo Love you sis

  2. Love this list(s) - so well-rounded. I think this is a great way to set some goals for the immediate future. Thank you so much for sharing with the Fall Bucket List Idea Share. I hope as the list grows you are able to find a new recipe for #11. Thank you!!!

    1. I've already tried a few recipes...gonna be blogging about them next week!!


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