Friday, August 31, 2012

Why I blog- Part 2

Here is why I blog::
1.I've always dreamed of being a mommy blogger
2. I wanted to be able to stay at home and make a little money on the side
3. I wanted to share my thoughts and become a part of something bigger.
4. I wanted to use this as my journal
5. I enjoy reading other posts and it inspires me to blog.

When I first started my little blog. I thought that everyone would be reading it. But then I looked at the blogs that I was reading and realized that they were all 'mommy blogs' or 'diy blogs'. So until I had Little blog always seemed boring. And I really didn't have anything to blog about. 

Sometimes blogging about my personal life seems to be hard for me. I've gone through a lot but when people know you have a blog, I don't want to write about things that may be about someone else...does that make sense?
I don't want to become a facebook status...impersonal and passive aggressive. You know the ones that say 'I wish I had true friends.' 'Today was so horrible...'
I wanted my blog to be a reflection of me. Honest and bold. But its hard to do that without offending involved parties. 
There have been times where I have lost friends, said unkind words, and had to say no to friendships. I don't want to write about that yet...maybe its too soon. One day.

I loved the idea of being able to make money at home while raising my babies. That is still a dream of mine. However, I have found the joys of being a part of a community to be much more rewarding. I like that I can relate with others on this 'blogosphere'. I've made a few friendships...but I know that I need to put more effort into continuing those relationships. The past month I had a hard time keeping up with all this media and blog stuff. Balance is what I really need to learn. I'm getting there. 
Then I read a blog post today @ Blogguidebook and there it was...a simple answer.
Why do I blog? I blog for coffee. 
The concept is totally what I've been trying to put my words into. 
Find a little hobby that fuels my love for community. That feeling of coziness and love. Relaxing among femininity.
A cup of coffee!
So here I go, extending myself and asking for you to refill my cup, but only if you want to :).

I hope you have enjoyed reading...and maybe I can refill your cup!



  1. Hi Hannah! I went to Alt Summit ( last January in Salt Lake City and I've learned a lot from the star bloggers. Btw, they have lots of resources on their website. I know now it really takes time, dedication and consistency, it's not an easy job, but very fun and rewarding! That's what I tell myself anyway!

    1. Thank you Melanie! You are wonderful! I love all the pictures that you post! I hope to see you soon!


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