Monday, October 8, 2012

Lilly Mae: 5 months

I can't believe it has already been 5 months. It's incredible to look back and realize that 6 months ago I was eagerly anticipating her arrival. Now she is here and how blessed I am!

This months accomplishments:

Lilly laughs when Daddy laughs
Responds to hearing her name
Recognizes familiar faces
Has two teeth (sept 6 and sept 18)
Beginning to sit, still wobbly
Lay on tummy for almost 5 min
Loves standing
Wearing 9-12mo clothing
Weighs about 17-18 lbs
Loves being in the sling
Can sit in the stroller without carseat
Can grab and puts things in her mouth
Doesn't like the dark
Loves parties and being around people 
First hour without mommy (Sept 24)
beginning to enjoy chew toys
Makes sucking sounds
Gets chatty around friends and in evening when Daddy comes home
Can't crawl yet but makes the motion when on tummy

Hair is long enough to put a clip in it

Hope you had a great day!!
Enjoy this little video too!



  1. Love the little clip! :) So sweet!


  2. Hannah your lil Lilly is so dang cute! What a sweet pea.

  3. She is such doll! I love her!!!! Wow she's doing well in everything!!!!!! go girl! Juliana weighs 17 lbs now :( Can't wait to see you guys soon!


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