Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WBWW-Mother Goose on the Loose Outing

This week we were out and about with our mommy group. We snagged some coffee and headed over to the local library for Mother Goose on the Loose.

shoes: Robeez bought at JBF (just between friends)
Pants: Only One Me from Target
Onesie: Carter's 'Mommy's Little Cupcake'
Headband: Pink bow made by Madeline Kilpatrick

She had a little outfit change...any guesses why? :)

"Here Lilly, Let me help you"

Friends at Mother Goose on the Loose


  1. Your daughter is a doll!! And her headbands are to die for! I have a slight obsession with headbands too! Seeing as how my 16 month old girl is bald as can be!

  2. hi hannah!!! im a new follower- found you on the hop. your baby is bee-you-tiful!also love your blog background.
    come by and visit me sometime. www.kendrakaypahukoa.blogspot.com
    have a great week!

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I love that our daughters names are Lilly!! Great minds DO think alike! ;D Where in California are you? :)We are from there too! Love mommy groups ;)

    P.S. She's so freakin beautiful!

  4. aww love your blog and Lilly is so sweet in those pictures. Happy to have found you through the bloghop :)


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