Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WBWW-What Baby Wore Wednesday

So I love all the WIW posts, but let's face it.
I'm not that cute.
Plus now that I have a baby that is where all the attention goes. So here it is. 
Our debut post-
WBWW-What Baby Wore Wednesday

headband: nartaaj kids
onesie: Carter's Pink Cupcake
Legging: Baby Legs (I love these)
Shoes: Pea Pod (brand? gift from shower)
Jacket: borrowed from our friend

What are you wearing today?


  1. Replies
    1. Aww! Sweet little lady pretty in pink!

  2. Hello Hannah! Found you at the Follow Me Wednesday Blog Hop. You have a really nice blog, liked it a lot so I'm following ^^
    Hope you can make some time to visit my blog too and have a look around. Have a great day xx
    N O I R E D A M E

  3. Stopping by from the "Follow Me Wednesday"!
    Cute blog! :) New follower!

    Anni // Grapefruitprincess ReLoaded

  4. Love her little cupcake onesie!


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