Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolutions?!

Well... It's that time of year again when we all decide to be better people, lead healthier lives, and be more financially responsible.

So do you resolute, or not? (I am really positive I used that word incorrectly).

Last year I began reading "the happiness project"

Good thing it wasn't a resolution because I didn't finish it.

Next year I do plan on accomplishing a few things...so here ya go

1. Budget better
2. Clear my credential
3. Run a half marathon
4. Read my Bible more often and more thoughtfully
5. Use more yoga
6. Eat cleaner/healthier
7. Use my camera more
8. Create more structure and organization

I think that's about it. I want to better myself and I usually try to focus on that then a resolution. It's about being a different person and deleting the ugliness out of our lives.

So what do ya say? Will ya join me?

(If you are interested, I am on Fitness Pal and would love to motivate and be motivated by you, comment below;)

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