Friday, November 29, 2013

Fitness Friday

Happy Thanksgiving!!
I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I am posting about my thoughts on the idea of "Giving Thanks."

I'm so excited to share that yesterday, we had our first Run To Feed The Hungry Race. The past 3 years, I have ran on Thanksgiving in local races. And it is madness. The reason I run is so that I can get my metabolism going, but these races were so packed that it was like herding cattle. Last year was by far the worst because we had to deal with a stroller. At the end of the race, after running a few people over, we decided that next year we would have a family run.

WE HAD 61 PEOPLE SHOW UP!!!! Not everyone ran or walked, but it was so fun to be able to be a part of a community event, that we created. I'm excited to see how many will show up next year.
Our Family
The organizers
I woke up at 5 am yesterday to get ready for this event. My body needs some time to adjust prior to intense exercise. My MIL and I got coffee and headed to the course, where I ran it to mark the miles and she followed me in her car so put up the cones. It was cold but beautiful and crisp. Afterwards, we hung up the banner and signs and waited for everyone to arrive.

In true Hannah fashion, I decided to be competitive. I haven't been able to run a short race fast because I really don't want to pay 25 dollars to run 3 miles. I ran it in 23 minutes. WHoop Whoop!!

It was a wonderful day to spend with family and friends, being grateful for health. It was wonderful to see so many people choosing to be active on a day when gluttony is acceptable. But hey, one cheat day won't ruin us. :)

This week in fitness:

Saturday: walk to work
Sunday: 1 mile
Monday: 1 hour hot yoga, run to work and walk home, 4 miles
Tuesday: 1 hour hot yoga, walk to work
Wednesday: 1 hour hot yoga, 6 miles
Thursday: 6.3 miles
Friday: Holiday Hottie Workout by Tone it up

What are you thankful for? Did you trot on Thanksgiving?

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