Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy 18 months Lil!!

Oh my gorgeous girl, this month has been so much fun!! We have laughed at how you becoming more vocal and an individual. We pray that you will be bold and an encourager to all!  

This month: 
You learned to say: hot, up, pop(papa), hahaha (when something hot), that,

 Can stack two blocks
Hand over hand to pull down a balloon
Puts hands on her cheeks for "Oh Dear."
Tries to put her shoe on
Likes Veggie Tales (Loves Larry)
Likes Madeline
Knows that the remote is for the TV and likes to play with the controls

 Still a good sleeper
Usually takes one long nap
Weighs about 27 lbs
Size 18mo-2T

Starting to run

Likes to stick her belly out

Knows where her bebo(belly button) nose, eyes are
Likes to cuddle
Went to the pumpkin patch

Interested in leaves and acorns
Doesn't like paint on her hands
Went under the parachute at gym
Likes to put blocks into shape sorter
Likes to play with clothes and pretend to fold
Likes to sort : take things out and put back
Loved to play at the park
Likes to read books (brown bear, Brown Bear is her fav)

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