Friday, December 13, 2013

Fitness Friday

Goodness another Friday!! Just two weeks till Christmas. I mentioned a few weeks ago about how I had been working on giving up sweets. Well...that hasn't been going well. What has is that I'm not eating a ton, but I keep buying candy and munching on it. The feeling after inhaling a box of Mike and Ike's isn't great. So I'm trying to remind my mind that each time I have a craving.

My yoga practice has had some big accomplishments. I'm feeling more energized, despite the 5:00 wake up. I've mastered crow/crane pose, even being able to go from it into chaturanga. I'm feeling a lot stronger, but also realizing my weak spots. I love the practice of yoga and how just like running it brings me closer to God. The ability to manipulate your body reminds me to be grateful that I have movement in my body, of health, and of the persistance I have to continue to challenge/humble myself.

This weather is my favorite for running. Even though I finished my goal of running a half each month, I'm already planning for next year's California International Marathon. I'm not sure of how much I will have to run.

Saturday: REST
Sunday: 1 hour of hot yoga, 7 mile run
Monday: 1 hour hot yoga
Tuesday: 1 hour hot yoga
Wednesday: 1 hour hot yoga
Thursday: 1 hour hot yoga, 4.5 mile run

I'm not sure what I will work on today. I'm wanting to work on some yoga poses now that I have mastered crow/crane. Possibly get in a longer run too!

Have a lovely weekend!!
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