Monday, December 23, 2013

Lilly Mae; 19 months

Oh my sweet girl. You have grown so much in this last month I can hardly believe it. We are so blessed by your sweetness and love your gentle personality.

Can now say: auntie, applesauce, ball, papa, 
Loves to dance and move
Uses her hands to direct you where she wants you to go (by pointing or physically moving you)
Learning independence
Wanting to talk
Gets frustrated when she can't communicate
Likes to take her shoes off
Falls asleep on mommy's chest and transfers to bed

Getting her molars!!!
Had some restless nights
Doesn't like baths, but likes the shower.

Loves to walk and explore.
Loves the park.
Not a huge fan of the stroller.

Likes to give kisses. 
Holds your face sometimes and kisses you.
Doesn't like onions or meat.
Can't eat tomatoes and dairy
Our sweet Lilly Love. We pray that you will be a gentle spirit but one with a bold voice. We love you baby girl!!

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