Friday, December 6, 2013

Fitness Friday: Baby It's Cold Outside

This weather is cold!!! California cold that is. Yesterday I went running at 9 and it was below freezing, nothing like making sure you don't slip on ice. However, we are in need of some rain. Despite the cold, it is beautiful. The sun is shining. But I forsee the new year bringing in some heavy downpour to make up for the dry November and December. 

How are you staying active despite the weather?

Last month I won a free month of yoga at a nearby hot yoga studio. It's not Bikram, but they do a lot of Vinyasa yoga, which is quick paced. I've been trying to go to the studio before school. They offer a 6 am class and I am able to leave just a little early to shower and get dressed. Despite my hair looking like a wet dog, I've managed to make it to school on time. In just the two weeks I've been going ( a total of 7 times), I've noticed a HUGE change in my body, mostly in my waist. It is more shapely. My running has also benefitted. I'm not having knee pain or back pain as much.

I was also able to finish my goal of running one 1/2 marathon every month for a year. It was challenge for sure. Some months a 13.1 mile run did not look fun and other months I was able to go further. On a cool June morning, I completed 16 miles. Reflecting back, this was a great challenge for me to be able to complete. I'm not sure how I will challenge myself next year, but I'm hoping that 1/2 marathons will become fun again :)..

This week in fitness:
Saturday: 75 minutes yoga
Sunday: 13.1 mile run
Monday: REST
Tuesday: 1 hour hot yoga, 2.5 mile run
Wednesday: 1 hour hot yoga
Thursday, 3.3 mile run
Friday: hot yoga and a run?

The California International Marathon commences this Sunday. I wish that we lived in a place where we could sit outside and watch the marathoner's go by. It is such a thrill to be a part of that event. I wish all those runners luck!!

Happy Friday! Make today count!!

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