Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How Will You End 2013?

And just like that the year is over. Did you catch it? Did you make it worth while?

This year brought a lot of growth. Not only with our little one blossoming before our eyes, but also in terms of spiritually, financially, and relationally.

We all know that New Year's Resolutions never last. And we know why. When life gets tough or busy, we give up. It's so discouraging. It's in those moments of perseverance when we grow. In workouts, it's when you push a little harder. In life, its when you reach a little higher. Sometimes we need accountability

Okay, we always need accountability. We are human. We will fail, but it is in those moments of "failure," that we make it a hurdle that we CAN get over.

What trials did you face this year? What issues are making their way to the surface and can no longer be ignored?

It's time!

This is the moment that you are to shine! To be bold and confident

It really isn't about how you finish this year out as much as you decide to start next year. What is holding you back? Your fears are waiting to be met.

Define this year as one that will be memorable and life altering.

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