Sunday, December 29, 2013

Word of the year: THRIVE

I really love this idea, setting a goal to focus on and making it one word. Of course I will still post my "resolutions" for the year, but I like to seek out a word that may represent the next year.

Last year we chose the word intention. This was mostly for the purpose of my inability to leave my phone. Social media is my weakness. I am constantly on it. So this year I wanted to seek out intention and be purposeful with my actions. I'm happy to say not only did I forget my phone but many times I left it and would forget about it. I do miss networking but I know that there is a time and place for it and it is not 24/7. Maybe 24/6 :). 

We were, as a family, seeking to develop deeper relationships with our friends and seek out a church. I am so lucky to have found a church family and am grateful for those around me. This year was a bit tricky as I went back to work and my schedule became very busy. I'm was blessed with a part time teaching job that will be able to clear my credential. 

In April, we began to be intentional about our finances, taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class. We buckled down and with 'gazelle intensity' we were able to pay off my student loans!! This has been such a blessing. 

So this year, we decided on the word THRIVE because of where we were and where we will be. That sounds odd!! I mean that we were in such a pit the last few years, it's awful to have debt and how that manifests itself is different for everyone. For me, I found it to be depressing, suffocating, and had a dragging effect on me. Not having so much of it releases it. Changing our lifestyle was hard, but well worth it! We are doing more now than we did with credit cards. Sure it's different things, but the biggest was donut and knowing where the money was coming from and going. 

So this year, I hope we will thrive: in our faith, our family, our relationships, our love, and in our roles as parents and in our jobs. 

What word are you inspired to live by this year?

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  1. I love doing "word of the year." This is the third time that I've done it. In 2012, my word was potential. In 2013, my word was desire. In 2014, my word is perseverance.

    Good luck this year :-)

    1. Hey Whitney! Thanks for stopping by. I really like choosing a word. Perseverance is a great one. Can't wait to read about how it manifests itself in your life.
      Much love!


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