Friday, March 14, 2014

Fitness Friday: Marathon Madness

Happy Fitness Friday!
Hope all is well! We are enjoying some sweet weather here in California. Cool mornings with very warm afternoons. Spring is beginning to make its way here. Despite the lack of rain, I'm eager to begin running season. Although I ran through Winter. I just think that Spring is the true beginning of running. It was in April of 2010 that I headed out one Spring day and decided to go for a run. From that moment on, running has been my favorite.

Which lead me to running races, 5ks at first, followed by 10ks and a few halfs. I always told myself that running marathons was too much. No one can seriously do that and enjoy it. I focused on speed and running goals like a half every month (on my own, not races). Somewhere in those months I began thinking about doing a marathon. I'm not sure if it was the push of those 13 miles becoming 14 and 15 miles or the idea of doing one more hardcore thing before we have another Hurley.

So 2014 rolled around and I decided to start training for a marathon on Jan 1 ,2014 with no race in mind, just chose a plan on Nike plus app and started trekking. The ideal timeline would have put me at running in late April. But I was determined to speed things up. And although this goes against a lot of things, I've trained for a while at high mileage. So far so good. Last week I ran my 19 miles and felt wonderful. This week it's 21 and may have to be on the Dreadmill?! Yikes!! Any suggestions??

I found this video and thought it was so true about marathon running:

This week in fitness:
Saturday: 5 miles, 1 hour barre
Sunday 19 miles, 1 hour zen barre
Monday: Rest and Ballet Bootcamp by Sweaty Betty
Tuesday: 5 miles, 1 hour barre
Wednesday: 3.25 miles (speed work)
Thursday: barre videos, 6 mile run, 1 hour barre routine

Friday: 1 hour double shot barre

Here is some inspiration to get you through the week. 

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