Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lilly Bug is 22 Months

Another month gone, another month older. I can't believe how close we are to TWO!!

My sweet Bug, 
You are a beautiful, patient, kind, sweet little one. You are a great communicator and listener. You make me laugh everyday. Your scrunchy smile makes me laugh so hard. We pray each day for your health and spirit. We pray that you will be bold voice, resisting peer pressure, and showing kindness to everyone. My dear, life is a gift because of you! We love you forever and ever.
Mommy and Daddy
 Becoming more social and talkative. 
Always has something on her mind.
Patient and persistant when it comes to fine motor tasks, such as turning a page. 
Likes to stack blocks.
Loves music and dancing (squatting and thrusting are favorite moves).

 Can roll her arms around in front of her. 
Likes "If your Happy and You KNow It," "This Little Light of Mine," "The More we Get together" (she likes to sign and say Happy), and "Skidamarinkadinkadink" (she likes to say I Love You).
Will grab your leg and give you a big kiss (or bite, but only sometimes:)
Gives hugs around your neck.
Prefers that Mommy give her water.
Shows her nails to everyone she meets. 

Night time routine:
brush teeth
veggie tales

Loves to play at the park.
Love stairs
Loves gymnastics.

Began exluding dairy due to ezcema (obviously not in these pics).
Loves to be holding something.
Loves to carry Larry, Melvin, Baby, or Kaylee doll around.
Likes to empty out cabinents and make piles of food.

 Loves to blow the whistle
Can blow bubbles.
Likes to walk and balance with help on anything that resembles a beam.
Beginning to demonstrate Mother Hen-ness (which I love)
Likes to take EVERYONE outside and walk with her.
Loves to explore and climb on things.

 Likes to put shoes on by herself by holding on to the wall.
Like to put pants on. 
Enjoys emptying her entire dresser and putting things in piles. 

Loves her friends Marin, Hailey, Hudson, Gavin, Aliyah, and Julian and all those at gymnastics.
Is a GREAT sharer.
Sweet and kind.
Gets super excited when she hears the garage door open, knowing that Daddy is home. 

 Majorly teething
Had a rough couple of nights of sleeping.

Thank you Bug for making life so sweet!

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