Friday, March 7, 2014

Fitness Friday: A Word about Cross Training

Happy Fitness Friday!

It's March already! Thank goodness we are finally seeing rain! Although this pushes out my longing for beautiful Spring runs, I'm glad the rain has finally showed up.

This week I wanted to share about how to cross train when running. I'm really not a gym rat. I do love gyms, but when I'm a member of one, I usually stick to the cardio machines and classes. It's too intimidating to be among large men throwing their weight around (literally and figuratively speaking). You know those guys that throw their barbell down creating a huge crash and then groaning. What is with that?!

Anyway...cross training is super important for runners. I think that yoga or pilates/barre is the best. Running can be hard on the knees, IT band, feet, back, you name can hurt on a run. Stretching is super important, and like last week I said I'd do more to stretch. Little by little I'm getting there. I really love yoga for it's ability to slow me down, be less competitive with others and strive to balance. Barre, my newest obsession, is similar to pilates, but incorporates weights, ballet, and some yoga. I love barre because you focus a lot on hip flexors and legs, which is what I struggle with on my runs: tight hips.

Walking is of course a great path to take. I struggle because I can't differentiate walking as an exercise and walking as a sign of surrendering during a run.

Swimming: I miss that the most from gym memberships, like Cal Fit, that have pools on site. There are some great workouts that can really up your running game. Pool running is very popular, but I'm still learning about that. I can't quite wrap my mind around how silly I'd look and I keep thinking I won't be very coordinated.

Biking: Again, this would be another great one. With kids, it's hard to cross train and train for that matter, but strapping them to a seat while they enjoy a ride is a great way to get in some miles that can help support your training.

Whatever it is make sure you stretch and warm up, just like running. What a bummer to get injured cross training preventing you from running. Errr! That would be the pits.

What is your favorite way to cross train?

Saturday: 17 mile run
Sunday: 2 Barre classes
Monday: 5 mile run
Tuesday: Beach Barre (Beach Babe video) and Barre class (skipped my first run in my marathon plan :()
Wednesday: 6 miles
Thursday: HIIT the Beach with Tone It Up, Barre class (skipped my second run in my marathon plan:()
Friday: 5 mile run

Are you training for anything? How much do you follow the training plans? 

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  1. hannah, had to drop by at one of my inspiring running mommies blogs and see how you're doing. tonight i just signed up for another half marathon that's happening next year. even though i'm big & pregnant right now, figured it's not too early to start setting some goals! ;) haha. i'm looking forward to getting back into it and getting some helpful tips from you and your blog!! <3
    love to you and lilly!!


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