Monday, March 17, 2014

When Running Hurts

Yesterday I decided to do my long run. Unfortunately we weren't at our home so I couldn't get up early and run due to the unfamiliar area. What I'm about to explain is how running huts and sometimes sucks.

Marathon training has its highs and lows. On one hand you have a plan for running (which I truly appreciate) but you also have to stick to the plan in order to reach the goal, which can sometimes be a pain. Training for a marathon is a part time job. I am constantly thinking about my runs, what to eat to have energy, maintaing hydration, cross training, and dedicating 2-4 hours on the weekend to complete the long runs. 

So yesterday I needed to complete 21 miles. Since Spring Forward, waking up at 5 am is difficult and dark. So what was my plan???

Run 11 miles on the treadmill and then when the sun came up run 10.

A plan that sounded practical was not fun AT ALL.

The 11 miles on the treadmill were seriously brutal. I have the hardest time with pacing and always find myself running slower than normal. Or even running slower, but with less energy and feeling exhausted. 

After 2 hours on the treadmill, I had just about had it with running. 

Why Why Why? did I commit to this.

However, the first few miles on the pavement in the morning, felt heavenly. I'm sure I looked ridiculous because going from a moving conveyor belt to hard pavement is quite an adjustment. 

The only thing I can relate it to, is if you have played Guitar Hero for a while and then stop, you can still see the moving keys that the game provide.

Anywhoo, by mile 15 I think I hit a wall. I was so disappointed with myself. Last weeks long run was beautiful and serene. An easy 19 miler in comparison to yesterday's run. 

I felt defeated and exhausted. I just kept telling myself that I would feel amazing after it all. Knowing that I completed that run was a VICTORY.

I was able to finish the 21 miles, but it hurt and it was hard. But even though running that far and that long, I came away with still appreciating running. 

So yes, running does hurt sometimes, probably more my pride than any body part, but I continue to come back to it because of all that it has taught me. 

It has helped me to be a better woman, a better athlete, a better mom and wife. And even though guilt sometimes occurs on those long runs, I know that my healthy habits will keep me around to hopefully one day see my kids running races.

Are you a runner? What was your most memorable run?

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