Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My First Marathon in 26.2 sentences

This past Sunday, I did it. The 26.2 miler! I didn't run a race, I just created a route and wnet for it. Some may say foolish, but it was so rewarding and dare I say fun. I cruised to my tunes and carried my Camelbak and hit the pavement hard. Here is how it went.

1. "Wah-hoo, Let's do this." Started a little to fast, but raring to go.
2. "Slow and Steady." Slowed my pace a bit to more
3. "Excellent." It was so beautiful out. The sun was just rising."
4. "Go, Go, Go." Still trekking.
5. "You Don't Know You're Beautiful." This song got me pumped. Cheesy yes, but whatever works.
6. "20 miles to go." I can do this!
7. "You can do this." Feeling great!
8. "8 times 3 is 24. I'm almost a third done." Getting excited about conquering new ground.
9. "Done with the loops." I had to run a 2 mile loop 5 times before changing. It was brutal
10. "Did I just sprint." Waiting for a light to change
11. "Just keep running, just keep running." So close to the half marker.
12. "I'm gonna get to see my family soon." I was so excited that the miles kinda went by quickly
13. "Can't wait to see my family." Eager anticipation made this mile a quick one.
14. "Where is everyone." I was so anticipating my family to be cheering me on at this point.
15. "Oh, my gosh, there they are. " I later found out I was too quick for my husband to catch me and was able to cheer me on on my way back down the path.
16. "Ouch." This is when I began to feel uncomfortable, still strong, but 10 miles seemed really long at this point.
17. "I can do this." My family cheered me on once more.
18. "8 more miles to go." .
19. "7 miles to go."
20. "Just a 10k."
21. "5 miles to go, you can do this." I felt like people running around me knew I wasn't doing well.
22. "I hate this song." I became so reliant on my music. Typically I run without, but I wanted a change during this run. My mental state thrived on upbeat songs. All others created a dark place :).
23. "Why am I doing this?!" This was my wall
24. " Help." I had to call my husband for encouraging words and he once again drove over to tell me I could do it.
25. "Pricetag" This song got me really going. Bopping my head, picking up my pace. and really dancing through this mile.
26. "And we will never be ROYALS!" I was grooving to this song. Does running 26 miles make you kooky?! YES, yes it does.
.2 "SPRINT!!!!" Finish strong!

So there it is. Not quite 26.2 sentences, but short and sweet. Thanks for all the support.

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