Sunday, September 2, 2012

She Shares

Since beginning the She Reads Truth, I have been happy to have found something that keeps me motivated and accountable to read my Bible.


I think that accountability is missing so much from my experiences with bible studies. No one wants to offend another individual. The saying that "Christ is love," is used so often in a way to escape holding someone accountable. I do think that it is a fine line. My experiences with other believers is that there are so many walls up that it is hard to truly get to know someone. So in that case, I probably did offend many because I didn't understand HOW to hold them accountable.

Not everyone likes to hear the cold, hard truth like I do.

Not everyone has the ability to self reflect and WANT to change.

This makes me sad!

I think that growing is such a positive experience. Everyone desires to be a 'better' person. However it is Christ who defines what that is.

It is so easy to say that we as Christians are 'good.'
But what defines that 'goodness'.

Is it our own values?

Is it our own experiences?

If so then isn't everyone's perspective of 'good' good relevant?

That is just one thing that I have been trying to get a grasp upon throughout my reading of Proverbs. The whole book is dedicated to practical wisdom.

Great truths like:

"Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life. Put away perversity from your mouth keep corrupt talk far from your lips" (4:23-24)

"the tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit (15:4)

"A mocker resents correction he will not consult the wise." (15:12)

"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." (17:22)

"Wealth brings many good friends, but a poor man's friend deserts him." (19:4)

"Without wood a fire goes out, without gossip a quarrel dies down." (26:20)

There are plenty of other gems in there, which leads me to think that if Proverbs was published as a book alone with the title, Wisdom for the Wise or something like that, would non-Christians find it helpful? *Random thought:)

Anyway, I learned a lot from this reading and it has helped that my husband and I have a little Bible time on Sundays. I'm a auditory processor (I like to hear myself talk things out...I guest that makes me a narcissistic processor :)

Throughout this reading I have relearned to not be a gossip, but am mostly reminded to follow God's definition of goodness and follow his standard and not others.

It is so easy to compare myself to others, but I have to remind myself that everyone wants to be portrayed as 'good' and I need not compare.

So many thoughts. Its really a challenge to write them in a way that doesn't seem rude.

Enjoy this gorgeous weekend!!

Thanks for reading :)



  1. I have the same thoughts you just put into words. How good is good because I feel so convicted reading Proverbs despite how others perceive me as being so good and blessed. Thank you for sharing your post.

    1. Its so hard for me not to just want to be good. I want to be a vessel for Christ, I know there is a huge difference. Thanks Michelle, it was wonderful reading your blog.

  2. Hey Hannah! Your blog is beautiful! Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! I'm new at it, and your comment really encouraged my heart. I pray that you may be showered with abundant and rich blessings! Your writing shows such a sweet spirit! Thank you sweet sister in Christ!

    1. Thank you Sophia! I enjoyed reading your post! Hope to chat with you more!!

  3. Hannah i completely totally 100% feel the same way you do. It's hard at least for me to find accountability friends. I want someone to challenge my growth in Him and girl i tell ya this Proverbs study has reminded me over and over to abide and to be concerned only with what He thinks and what He wants me to do but WHY is that so dang hard sometimes? Love you girl!

    1. Kelly you are the best! Thanks for reminding of that!


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