Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goals for 2014

This year in hoping to up my game in fitness and health. I've really learned so much over this year about health and have challenged myself a lot in fitness. I want to create a good foundation for the next time we get pregnant. I know that as we add more kiddos to our family, it won't be as easy to work out, however I was my family to be healthy, not skinny, but HEALTHY!! I can't stress that enough. Being a girl, I feel like the word is ever present and haunts our every move and meal for that matter. 

I've learned that just because something is fat free, doesn't mean it's SUGAR FREE. And sugar free is just as scary, providing us with artificial ingredients. 

Seriously, skinny is everywhere. I'm typing this while listening to the Today Show and they have a segment called 60 second Skinny. Ugh that word has got to go away! Can someone vote it overused word of the year!!

I digress. Here are my goals for this year of THRIVE:
1. Train for a marathon and grow more in yoga (possibly do a side crane)
2. Eliminate ADDED sugar for 21 days 
3. Work on developing a fitness community. 
4. Do a few community service projects. 
5. Develop my blog more. 

What are your goals for this year? What is an area in your life you are hoping to grow in?

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