Monday, September 22, 2014

Interval Run on the Treadmill

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My in-laws recently got an awesome new treadmill. I’m not a treadie. I struggle with pacing myself. I always go about 1-2 minutes slower on the treadmill. This is a reason I hate it. I feel like it hinders me. But when in doubt, who cares what my pace is. So I wanted to give this new thing a go. Little Miss was talking a nap so I tried to give it a go. Once I got it turned on (The master switch was off J. I thought this thing is AMAZING!!

There is a Fat burn area where you can have Jillian Michaels lead you through an interval run. You can choose workouts to do, focus on speed, but my favorite was you can run anywhere in the world.
What do I mean by this, well you can select a route anywhere you want (they have preprogrammed ones) and as you are running you will see a first person view of the route. This definitely made the run more fun! I will say I may be leaning toward enjoying the treadmill with that awesome feature. I chose to run by the Monterey Coast, which has a range of -3 -3 incline. I chose add some intervals. Here is what I did.
*WARNING*** This is pretty brutal**

 Warm-up 1 mile
5.0-6.0 mph
2 minutes
5.5-6.5 mph
4 minutes
6.5-7.5 mph
1 minute
8.0-9.0 mph
Repeat as much as desired
 I did 5 miles, which after the warm-up that was about 7 rounds.


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