Friday, August 30, 2013

Health and Fitness Friday

Friday is here!! And August is over...SERIOUSLY?! I know now that these months will probably sneak by me, as I back at work.
I feel like I ran so much this month, but my miles weren't as large as they usually are. I have been having a hard time on my runs. I have been taking some antibiotics for when I tested positive for TB (which I do NOT have, and apparently is very common for people to come in contact with someone but their bodies convert it. My immune system is pretty stellar) and I'm certain this is the reason I cannot run as efficiently as I usually do.

Also, I've been getting up at 5 on days that I work, which I love, and use the days off for getting some addtional rest. Rest is so important. Probably just as important as staying hydrated. 

I've also been working on including more muscle work into my routine again. I've backed off my running to just about every other day and included yoga and walking back into my routine. I've been loving it. I love the feeling of soreness, crazy right?! But it feels good to know that I pushed myself.

Saturday: arms workout
Sunday: 13.7 mile  run
Monday: 1 mile walk with dog and Lilly, Leg workout
Tuesday: 3 mile run, 60 pushups
Wednesday: 5 mile walk
Thursday: 4.6 mile run/walk
Friday: planned ???

I really have no idea what I want to do today. Any ideas???


So we did use some emeals recipes and I wouldn't say they are the healthiest despite them being categorized as clean eating. But I guess clean eating is subjective. I will definitely say that the meals were delicious. I'm excited for our nacho night tonight :). Except I can't have cheese due to the medicine I am on.

Hope you have a fantabulous day!!

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