Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's Back To School We Go!!

This week begins the first official week back to school. Last week I worked, it was meetings and trainings all day. I'm so proud to tell you that Lil Miss did GREAT!! We are so very lucky to have my sister watching her.

I get to teach Transitional Kindergarten on a part time basis. I will be working Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday. WOW!! This week has snuck up on me. I feel so unprepared, but so confident. I know that this will be such a great opportunity for me to clear my credential, to learn more, and to do what I love. It's hard for me to leave Lilly, but this is such a sweet deal. I am able to play and hang out with her the majority of the week still. 

I struggled for so long with going back. I cried and pouted and refused to go back. But as it turns out it is a lot easier than I anticipated. I was fortunate enough to have over a year with Lil. I also took on a small position at a nearby gym teaching which allowed me to be comfortable with leaving Lil for longer than an hour. Now that she knows how to soothe herself to sleep, it makes it easy for others to put her to sleep.

I am SOOO excited! Have I mentioned that yet?! It's a battle wanting to be excited by sad to leave her. I try to block it. And for so long, I just didn't understand how other moms did it. I refused to go back to work because I worried that one day she would be disappointed that I didn't spend more time with her. 

But this IS what is best. I am able to clear my credential, have purpose (outside of being her mom), and its helping to get rid of all those darn school loans I have. 

Well...Happy First Month of School!!

Did you struggle with going back to work? What helped you with the transition?

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