Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oh Organic Garlic!!

I love me a farmer's market. Fresh produce, juicy fruit, and homemade bread!!
Being a mom of a new one, I seek the best. And being a foodie, the best place is farmer's market.
I love supporting local farmers. 
I recently found my love for organic garlic.
Garlic has always been my favorite way to season food. I have been known to eat it raw.

I'm sure we all know the benefits of this lovely bulb.
1. It's great for your heart.
2. It kills bacteria
3. Its been used widely to prevent many different types of illness

Here is something you may not know.
Just like those carrots that have a white tinge to them, garlic too is bleached. 
That is why garlic is white.
But organic garlic has a dusty, almost dirty look to it.

You can also tell the difference when you are cooking with it. 
I typically use a garlic press. When pressing organic garlic it was translucent. Regular garlic is white.

Also, if you use the microwave, wait until after to add the garlic.
The microwave kills off all the goodness that is garlic.

I hope to grow some of this soon!!
Thanks for letting me share my love for garlic!!
Keep pressing on. hehe

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