Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lilly Mae 15 Months

HHappy 15 months Little One!!

Says Dada, Momma, Nom, Gus, Dog
Listens to me
Understands no/not right now (she puts her head down)
Slept in her crib all night (July 22)
Loves cucumbers, capers, hummus, salsa, ice cream, milk, Cheddar bunnies, chicken, bananas, salmon, craisins

Falls asleep on my chest, again
First boat ride (July 15)

Likes to put kids on things
Understands clean up
Identifys dogs, fish, baby, Melvin,
Knows family members and familiar friends
Still loves to be carried.
Loves to explore
Likes to put lids on things

Will Scream and RAWR!
Loves to have something in her hand at all times
Knows 'nose'
She is silly!

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