Friday, August 23, 2013

Health and Fitness: Back to School Edition

Well its back to school for me!! First week of school is done. I can't believe how much I miss teaching. It is such a privilege and I am so blessed to have the job I do!! Even with getting back to work I've been trying to get up early and go for a run. There has been lots of fires in Northern California, which has definitely affected the weather.

Saturday: 4 mile run
Sunday: 4 mile run
Monday: 5 mile run
Tuesday: 30 minutes of yoga
Wednesday: 5k run
Thursday: 4 mile run, leg workout resistance bands
Friday: Run and ab workout (planned)

Well this week I had to choose easy options because it was back to work for me and I still need to finesse my week. We are planning to do emeals soon, so I'm hoping that will help me out a lot. This week meals included pizza, spaghetti, veggie chili, burritos, BLTs, and grilled chicken. Can't get easier than that :)

How was your week? How do you plan meals around your schedule?

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  1. I need to get better at meal planning. I've been trying to plan ahead. It's hard with John not being here because I don't always feel like cooking.

    1. It is tricky! And I love my slow cooker recipes for days I don't feel like making a meal. Good Luck Jen and great job with eating clean!!

  2. I got a Groupon for emeals and I think it is an amazing service IF your family isn't picky. So many of the meal plans I've received so far haven't really been a hit with Eric and/or the kids. But I may need to change up the plan I have it set for and see if it's better. I follow them on Pinterest too and they do post some awesome recipes (and you don't have to pay for it :-) Just a thought. Keep up the great work mama!!!

    1. True True. Lilly is so little and really will eat anything. I can imagine it being tricky with having picky eater. What am I saying?! Of course it's tricky. I am going to have to look at their pinterest page. That sounds WONDERFUL!!


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