Monday, July 9, 2012

Book Review: Beyond the Sling

Just finished reading Beyond the Sling by Mayim Baliak

Very, very interesting book. 
I was really fascinated by the different elements of the book. Mayim devotes her writing to her personal experiences with her two boys and raising them the attachment parenting way. 
Attachment parenting has been defined by extended breastfeeding, co sleeping, and baby wearing. Although Mayim talks about a few other rituals that I was unfamiliar with. 
Elimination Communication and 
Elimination communication is defined as  a practice in which a caregiver uses timing, signals, cues, and intuition to address an infant's need to eliminate waste. Caregivers try to recognize and respond to babies' bodily needs and enable them to urinate and defecate in an appropriate place (e.g. a toilet). Caregivers may use diapers (nappies) as a back-up in case of misses some or all of the time, or not at all. EC emphasizes communication between the caregiver and child, helping them both become more attuned to the child's innate rhythms and control of urination and defecation. 
 Learning about elimination communication was so weird (in a good way). Her kids were potty trained very soon after. I can' t remember the age, but definitely before 2.
I felt very convicted reading this book, as I felt like I wasn't doing enough. I hate when that happens. Its definitely on my shoulders, not because of what Mayim wrote. Her tone is very sweet and charming. But I felt as though I wasn't being a good mommy. Sometimes I let Lilly lay on the bed or in her rocker so that I can get some work around the house done. I'm not holding her constantly :(. But I really do want to purchase a baby sling because Lilly doesn't enjoy facing me. I tried the Baby Bjorn, but she doesn't like the position. Mayim describes this as an unnatural position (one with her legs a part). Mayim says that babies should face their mommy's belly/chest the first year of life. Maybe Lilly just is just in a phase, but she likes to look around and enjoys the different types of stimuli.

I did appreciate this read so so so much! I will recommend it to all friends who are pregnant or new mommies. It is fascinating and it is so wonderful to read a viewpoint on parenting! 

I really have come to love attachment parenting! It really embraces being a SAHM, breastfeeding, co sleeping and healthy lifestyles. I no longer feel like a hippie when I read about other's adventures in attachment parenting. I feel like I belong!!

The book is divided into three sections: What baby needs, What baby doesn't need and What mommy needs. I appreciate all points in this book. It does talk a bit about vaccinations, gentle discipline, and how to maintain relationships. 

I LOVED this book! 
I give it 5 stars!!


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