Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Into the Word Wednesday

This week I've still been doing the She Reads Truth devotional. We started prayer this week and I feel like I haven't really delved into it much. When I read the scriptures, I am reminded of how God wants to hear my prayers. 

I have been constantly reminded this week about how blessed I am and how many people are struggling with health, loss, and brokenness. I forget sometimes to say that I am grateful even though I feel it in my heart. I am reminded often of the reason for prayer. 

I was always one who liked to praised for everything!!! I mean everything including prayer. I always wanted someone to say, 'Wow, what a powerful prayer." I think that those are dangerous words, especially for a young Christian. It fuels that desire of wanting to be recognized, when clearly we are supposed to be humble individuals. Pride is such a thorn in my life. I realized a few years ago, just how much I require people's praise. It is so selfish and ugly. I hate to admit this, but I know that it is a part of healing. Even when we were first married I made my hubby write me notes on our whiteboard because I didn't get to see him much and I wanted validation from him. Even still I struggle with 'fishing for compliments' from him. Luckily he doesn't mind giving them :)

Prayer is such an intimate thing and because I struggle with recognition, I am careful of my motives when I pray. Am I praying with genuine intentions? Am I praying out of routine? am I praying so that others will look at me and be proud?

I think that praying out of routine has its positives and negatives, but I do it anyway. It is a good reminded to pray before meals and gives me the opportunity to pray for something that I may need to pray about that I haven't had time to pray for yet that day.

Anywho! I'm still working on this idea.

How do you pray? Or why do you pray?

Into The Word Wednesdays

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  1. Prayer is something I struggle wih. I want to be a better woman of prayer, but I am so easily distracted. Not an excuse at all, just something I need to work on.

    Thank you so much for linking up with us today!

    1. Thank you for taking time to read and respond. Hope to see you more!

  2. I think we all get distracted. We pray as a family every night and I often catch myself thinking about all the things that need to be done before bed...when I need to be deep in thought. Working with you on this!!
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. So true. I can relate! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Yikes girl i totally understand. I never realized how much I thrived on people telling me I did a good job until I became a stay at home mom. The praise from co-workers and my bosses went away. What was left was a HARD reality and a look at myself in a way I hadn't before. I've SO been there. I def think that prayer out of a habit is a good thing because talking to God is never a bad thing BUT resolving to keep it fresh is the hard thing. Pray for that? Probably something we all should do! Thanks for linking up today!

    1. Thank you! I'm working on it, but yes it is still a struggle to not require recognition.

  4. some may say its routine but i say its necessity. when I wake...i start praying while i'm getting ready. i start with praise and then husband, kids and other immediate needs.

    i'd rather run to my heavenly Father first and then the "to do list" as it will go much better that way.



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