Thursday, July 19, 2012

How do we feel about Pacis?

So I'm still struggling with the idea of giving Lilly a paci (binky, blow, pacifier, whatever the name). Anyone with me? She is two months old give or take and I struggle internally to want to give her something to pacify her. I never used one as a kiddo, but that makes me a rare case. I guess I'm leaning more toward giving her one when she can ask for food. My primary reason is right now she can only communicate through crying and usually needs to eat, sleep, or diaper change. Yes, she does nurse to sleep to help her, but I'm still so attached to her, I don't think she really needs it yet?!

I read this post and it talked about the benefits of paci use and how it can prevent SIDS, but also paci use can be linked to more ear infections (waiting 6 months is preferred to avoid this). It also discusses waiting until baby is a skilled nurser to prevent confusion. says that sometimes a baby needs nutrition-based sucking (is that just feeding?!)It also offered great tips for weening babies off of pacis

This blog described that pacifer means one that soothes, making me a natural pacifier. I like that :)

So after looking at these sites, I am still gonna wait till little Miss can ask for food to have a paci, one key point that convinced me is that comfort sucking can bring in milk supply.

What are your thoughts on paci use? 

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  1. Thanks so much for joining in the Totally Social Link up. I'm a new follower. I host a weekly link party on Wednesdays and I'd love for you to join in some time. Your site is so cute!

    1. oooh! I'd love to join. I'll check it out!

  2. I tried giving my son a paci as a comfort tool just because he was so attached and it was very hard leaving him with a sitter. Of course he refused every type of paci I gave him. He is now 9 months and is attached to his thumb!!! How I have no idea lol
    P.s. I'm your newest follower =D

    1. Yeah! Its a tricky thing!! I'm sure you are a great momma. Thanks for following!


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