Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Letters and Flashback Friday

Friday Letters:
Dear Hubby: Thank you thank you! Its been a couple of crazy weeks, but I love that you come home and work on the house or go for a run!! It makes me happy to see you excited after a long day. I'm so proud of you for venting the garage for our dryer! I am seriously impressed. You still keep mr on my toes! I love you more and more each day!!

Miss Lilly Mae: You my sweets are pure joy. I love that you are sucking on your hand right now trying to fall back asleep. You are everything and more! We are so lucky to have been blessed by you.

Dear Library: I am grateful for you!

Dear God: Thank you for my health and reminding me of how precious life is. I have been blessed by reading your Word and am grateful for your love and patience.

Dear Readers: Thanks for reading. I'm really hoping to do a vlog one of these days.

Flashback Friday:

1 year ago

 two years ago

My two wonderful friends celebrated their anniversaries this month. Its kinda fun because this year I celebrated 3, then one friend celebrated 2 and another celebrated her 1st. 1...2...3
I love these ladies both were in my wedding and they are dear dear friends. I am grateful that they are experiencing this crazy thing called marriage with me. if only I gcould get them to have kiddies :)

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  1. Aren't libraries great? Are you doing much reading for yourself this summer, or just the kiddo?

    1. They are amazing! I guess I'm reading for both, she's still a baby!!

  2. It's been a year since the hubs and I have moved to our new house in a new location and I haven't yet been to our library to get a card! I'm dying for a new book and have no money to go out and get one. I need to just do it and go!

  3. I love libraries! It makes me so happy when I find others who do too!

    1. oh yes! I like it too much! Last year I ran a 13 dollar bill when I over checked the entire pregnancy section oops!

  4. Is your daughters name really Lilly Mae? That is the sweetest. Great letter, and old photo's thanks for linking up with FBF.


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