Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book Review: Cinderella Ate My Daughter

So doesn't the title speak for itself...so enticing.

This is a wonderful book.
What I appreciate most about it is that the daughter plays devil's advocate. She desires that her daughter be able to find out how to be a girl on her own terms, without media and marketing shoving Pepto-Bismal toys in her face. To be able to be a lady, but not be confined to living in a tower as a princess.
It is really quite interesting. Why are so many girl toys pink? Doesn't it limita girl's choice on what her favorite color is?
One of my favorite parts of the book is about a little boy wearing barrettes to school. He gets teased for wearing them and being a girl. When his works are useless defense, he pulls down his pants to show he is a boy and he is met with the comment of " So, everyone has a penis." So apparently, barrettes make you a girl?!
This book is filled with thoughts on Bratz dolls, American Girl, Polly Pocket, Spice Girls and the ever so diverse Barbie.
I would definitely recommend this book to mommies of girls and even boys. It does briefly touch on how boys too are set up to play with certain toys. 

GREAT book!!!



  1. I have a twitter silly mcgee!!!


  2. Thanks for linking up! Love your cute blog!

  3. I've never really gotten the fixation with barbie, I loved my barbies but I never wanted to be them or thought barbies body was normal. My daughter likes dressing girly but she also loves trucks and cars lol, I think it's cute.

    p.s your catchpa is killing me haha

    1. We didn't really have Barbies, and I was never really into them. My cousins had all the cool stuff: Barbies, American Girl dolls, those cars that you sit in and drive. I remember liking sports, girl bands, and everything in between. Thanks for visiting.


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