Sunday, September 16, 2012

She Shares: The End of Proverbs.

Since coming to the end of Proverbs I have been thinking...'What have I learned.'
Isn't it always true that God's word always has perfect timing.
When we first started I thought. 'well this will be great. Easy reading, a good reminder.' But I didn't think that I would gain so much knowledge from it.
When some sort of issue arises, it is so easy to get angry and upset.
And throw myself a little pity party. Boo hoo Hannah
But realistically, I don't need to get upset and frustrated and feel like someone has created a big unjustice against me. Pleading my case to anyone who will listen.
I tell myself over. and over. and over.
And I do.
Quicker each time than the last.
I hope that from this study I will just get over it.
Let it pass 
Realize that I can't change people, just my actions.

On the other hand I really should GET OVER IT because others are watching.
My mother in law recently told me a quote she heard that has stuck in my mind.
"You may be the only Bible people have a chance to read."
Is my bible filled with hypocrises and lies. Is it filled with contradictions and anger?
 I feel like everytime I meet someone and mention I am a Christian, someone's put a bad taste in their mouth already.
Great- I think. 
I get frustrated and angry because some 'Christian' put their foot in their mouth or shoved some self-righteous bull honkey down their throat.

But what if I've done that? What if I misrepresented Christ? Left someone thinking Christians are horrible people.

I guess what I want to say is...
I'm sorry if that was me.
I'm sorry for hurtful words you've heard.
I'm sorry for being a friend full of anger.
I'm sorry for being the Christian that shoved a jesus at you.
I'm sorry for thinking I was better than you.
I'm sorry for bashing your character.
I'm sorry for spreading lies.

I know this doesn't mean much when reading from a blog, but I hope that one day you will encounter grace and love from a Christian.

Whether you believe or not, I hope that kindness finds you this week and makes you wonder why we deserve it at all.

Blessings to all!
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  1. This post definitely made me stop & think & for that I thank you. Am I the Christian that I want my son to emulate? Am I practicing what I preach {for lack of a better analogy}? What a meaningful quote your MIL told you. How right is she?! Thank you for passing that along! :)

    1. I hope it didn't come off too abrasive. Thanks Amy for your love and encouragement!


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