Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When I'm Bored I Make Marinades

The other day I had some free time. I had recently bought a bag of lemons and a bag of limes. Well I knew that if I didn't do something with those...they would rot. and that would be a waste.
Here are a few that I created:

So I created a few:
Lemon, olive oil, rosemary
Coconut oil, lime, ginger
Soy Sauce, lime, ginger
Lime, cayenne pepper, olive oil (I will use chili powder next time...way too spicy.)

Then I labeled them and loaded them into the freezer. 
I figure this will be good for fall or one of those days when life gets too busy!!

Do you make marinades? What is your favorite?



  1. Those all look so yummy. I love to make marinades but my Giant is the marinade KING in our house.

  2. What a creative idea! I've never thought to make marinades! :)

  3. I wish I was that productive when I'm bored!! Once I separated meat and spiced them up before sealing them up but I almost didn't want to use them because I liked having an emergency stash haha

    1. I hear ya. I wanted to use those marinades, but I realize well I'm not that busy. But I know if I don't use them, I'll lose them.


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