Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WOTY: intention

This year I wrote a post on being intentional. I had no idea that I would really be embracing the word.

I really wanted to focus more on my relationships and time management.

I can so easily make friends, it's the keeping them around part I struggle with. I sometimes think that everyone that I become friends with has to be my BESTEST friend ever. But the don't and that I am learning is okay too.

I wanted to work on making sure my time is well spent. Playing and teaching Lilly, cleaning and tidying house, reading and loving books, studying and growing on God's Word.

Those kind of things.

But I'm also learning about being intentional with money.

We began taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at a local church a few weeks ago.

Ummm...I STINKING love it!!!!

Ramsey is so funny and practical. The whole class is positive too.

It's empowering.

Where I once was lost when it came to 'our budget'. I know feel so successful.

Did Mention its only been a few weeks?

I am one to embrace change when it's coming and I feel like this is so important, especially handling what God has blessed us with.

I know that my mistakes with money (or the fact that I got a degree) aren't going to land me in heaven prison, but I can't help but think that I have earned a frown next to my name in the financial part of my like.

But there is always good news, there is grace.

I know God knows my heart and I am so excited to return what he has blessed us with.

I want to make a difference in his kingdom, maybe one day it will be financially ;) for someone.

Dave Ramsey mentioned that our finances should be witness to those who don't believe.

What would someone who doesn't believe in God think of how I manage money?

But I can't get to caught up in that, I must make a u-turn and press forward.

Keep us in your prayers!!

Have you taken Financial Peace University?
A financial class?

How did it go?

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  1. Intentional is my word of the year also! I've read one of Dave Ramseys books and they are great, so easy to understand with practical solutions!

    1. That is so awesome. I look on your blog for a post. Yes he is very practical. That is why the hubby likes him so much!!

  2. i love that. that our finances should be a witness. Thats gonna stick with me. Ive heard a lot about Dave Ramsey and really want to listen to him.

    1. It is honestly something that I have always wanted to use as a witness, but didn't know how. I like him A LOT!!


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